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The playgrounds in Jokioinen are cosy spots for meet and play that are available for everyone to enjoy. One of the objectives for the technical department is to plan, build and maintain the safety and cosiness of the playgrounds.

 In this moment, the technical department has seven general playgrounds, eight refreshment areas, two day care centers and two school playgrounds in care.

 Within these resources play tools, structures and their safety pad inspections, maintenance and upkeep are aimed to obey the Finnish Standards Associations certificated playground equipment standards and other instructions so that any play tool nor structure won’t cause any harm. 

 The technical department has decided that maintenance for the municipals playgrounds will not be done during wintertime


Playground addresses


Apila park                                              Pikkumäentie 10, 31600 Jokioinen

Asema park                                          Asemakuja 15, 31600 Jokioinen

Karhu park                                            Närekuja 5, 31600 Jokioinen

Lumikko park                                        Lumikontie 5, 31600 Jokioinen

Marja park                                             Muuraintie 5, 31600 Jokioinen

Vuolteen park                                        Sivutie 6, 31600 Jokioinen

Latovainion playground                         Hiukkonummentie 6, 31620 Latovainio

Rehtijärven relaxation zone                 Uimarannantie 64, 31630 Minkiö

PikkuLiesjärven camp ground             Opaalitie 53, 3120 Susikas

Miina´s school                                      Miina Sillanpääntie 1, 31600 Jokioinen

Paana´s school                                   Asemakuja 1, 31600 Jokioinen

Kuuma´s ex-schoolbuilding                Kuumantie 322, 31620 Latovainio


Teerimäki day care                             Kenttätie 6, 31600 Jokioinen

Mäntypuisto day care                         Keskuskatu 20, 31600 Jokioinen



Jokioisten kunta
Keskuskatu 29 A
31600 Jokioinen

Kunnanvirasto avoinna
ma-pe klo 9.00-15.00

Virallinen sähköpostiosoite

(luottamushenkilöt ja henkilöstö)
Sähköposti: etunimi.sukunimi(at)

044 901 7174 (ma - to, klo 9 -14)