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About burning waste and garden waste

Waste disposal by burning is forbidden. The ban does not involve certain wastes that have been given an environmental permission or other official excuse (for example. a by-product law type of a burning permit).

In a scattered residential area, you are allowed to burn sticks and branches, harmless combustible wastes produced by agriculture and forestry such as dry straws, logging waste and unprocessed wood waste. 

At an apartment’s fire pit, you are only allowed to burn unprocessed wood waste, sticks and branches. You can only use paper, cardboard and carton as kindling and in a small quantity. Burning other types of waste is forbidden. Burning waste must not cause any unnecessary smoke, soot, smell or health hazards.

You are allowed to compost garden waste in a heat insulated compost bin. Garden waste is not allowed be taken to parks and other public or private areas.



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